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Schwiebert Precision Ballisticard 308175 D2 26"

Prodotto Nr.: 212289
Produttore: Ballisticard
Codice prodotto del produttore: 308175 D2 26"
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  • Horizontal trajectory to 500 yards (Military models to 1,000 yards)
  • Uphill/Downhill trajectories for various angles
  • Scope clicks (come-ups) for changing zero if desired
  • Wind deflection at 5 and 10 mph (adaptable to other speeds)
  • Moving target leads


A must for all levels of shooters, these cards give information on hold over in various conditions to make sure the first shot counts. Consists of three laminated 3x5 cars with each card being calculated and color-coded for a specific temperatures range to compensate for cold, moderate and hot seasonal conditions. Great training aids for marksmanship classes. Can easily be stored in an ammo pouch on the belt, or simply carried in a shirt pocket.


Includes (3) laminated cards for selected cartridge. Each card is for a specific temperature range: 1 cold, 1 warm, and 1 hot temperature card.


Technical Information


Available for:


  • Original Tactical
  • Delta Max Tactical
  • Scout
  • Rimfire
  • Varmint
  • Hunter
  • A2 and D2 Tactical

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